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Bellen has successfully obtained a Drug production license


On July 2, 2023, Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd. Yantai, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd., is pleased to announce that it has been granted the first "Drug Production License" (License Number: Lu 20230014) issued by the Shandong Medical Products Administration. The issuance of this drug production license signifies a significant milestone for Bellen in the field of pharmaceutical production, laying a solid foundation for the expansion and extension of the company's business.

The characteristics of high investment, high risk, high technology, and long cycles in drug research and development have led many pharmaceutical companies to choose to entrust CRO/CDMO service providers to provide more specialized research and development and production services. Bellen has always regarded innovation, professionalism, compliance, and quality as core values, dedicating itself to connecting and serving various aspects of new drug development.

The successful acquisition of the "Drug Production License" by Bellen marks the full recognition by regulatory authorities of Bellen's API manufacturing capability. With favorable production and operational conditions and a well-regulated system for quality management and risk control, Bellen's business is poised to enter a new chapter of development. The attainment of this license not only validates Bellen's professional strength in the pharmaceutical industry but also provides robust support for the company's future growth.

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