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At Bellen, we value and promote continuous learning, exploring and practicing new technologies to ensure the team and the company keep abreast of industrial trends. Today, we have advanced technological capabilities that help create more efficient pathways for scale-up of complex chemistries from laboratory to commercial scales. Explore our technologies to see how these can contribute to your product development.

Flow chemistry

Our flow chemistry service offers enhanced operational safety and efficiency whilst driving down costs and increasing value. 

We utilise flow reactors to run processes in a continuous manner, contrary to the conventional batch mode of operation. Two or more streams of fluids are metered via pumps into the tube reactor. Upon completion of the reaction, the final product stream including byproducts is transferred downstream for additional processing and work up.

Advantages include faster and safer reactions, cleaner products and easy scale-up.

Furthermore, we have equipment in which downstream processes of extraction, distillation, filtration and drying can be run in a continuous mode. This helps in realizing end-to-end benefits. These reactors are of a small scale in our research lab and large scale in our pilot plant. They can be used effectively for “proof-of-concept” and “optimization” studies.

Flow reactors at Bellen Chemistry

Stainless Steel (316L) Micro Reactor SSZ2010 (Himile)

- Temperature control range: -25°C to 200°C

- Pressure range: 0-3.2MPa

- Throughput: 600L/day

- Applications: hydrogenation, organometallic reactions, oxidation, metal catalyzed reaction (Heck reaction, Suzuki, etc.), reaction introducing gaseous reagents (O3, CO2, CO, etc.), epoxidation reactions, diazotization, Curtius rearrangement, reductive amination, etc.

Silicon Carbide Micro Reactor MRCS180 (Himile)

- Temperature control range: -25°C to 200°C

- Pressure range: 0-1.8MPa

- Throughput: 400L/day

- Applications: halogenation reaction (chlorine, bromine), nitration, sulphonation, organometallic reactions, oxidation, metal catalyzed reaction (Heck reaction, Suzuki, etc.), epoxidation reactions, diazotization, Curtius rearrangement, reductive amination, etc.

The main advantages that flow chemistry service can offer

Heat transfer is very effective due to high surface-to-volume ratio making flow chemistry inherently advantageous for highly exothermic reactions

Controllable temperature, reaction residence time and pressure

Mixing can be achieved in a very short time – high speed mixing

Safer to operate, suitable for dangerous reactions

Reactions can be easily automated compared to batch processes

Photo chemistry

Photo chemistry is one of the green technologies Bellen is exploring and practicing. Photo chemistry is the study of light-induced chemical reactions and physical processes. A photochemical event involves the absorption of light to create an excited species that may subsequently undergo a number of different reactions. These include unimolecular reactions such as dissociation, ionization, and isomerization; bimolecular reactions, which involve a reaction with a second molecule or atom to form a new compound; and reactions producing an emission of light, or luminescence. A photochemical reaction differs notably from a thermally, or heat, induced reaction in that the rate of a photochemical reaction is frequently greatly accelerated, and the products of the photochemical reaction may be impossible to produce otherwise.

Contact us now to get more information about our photo chemistry capabilities.

Photo chemistry capabilities in Bellen

  • 2 photo-reactors. A flexible mini reactor, applicable to small-scale reactions in our research lab. A larger reactor in our pilot plant for big-scale reactions (up to kg scale)
  • Temperature range: from -30 to 180°C
  • Light source can be Hg or Xe
  • Light power: 100 to 1000W
  • Bellen photo-chemistry lab has been operational since 2016

The main advantages that photo chemistry service can offer

High efficiency with fewer side reactions

Alternative technology compared to traditional synthesis(Bellen has a few cases of reducing multiple reaction steps into 1 step)

Cost-effective, avoiding use of expensive reagents, catalysts etc.

Flexible, potential coupling with flow chemistry or other technologies


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