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Route Scouting

Innovative route design from an idea to a sustainable process

We help our customers to develop alternative routes of synthesis (ROS) on the journey from brainstorming to technical-commercial evaluation, establishing a proof-of-concept, and finally ensuring sustainability of the process considering cost, safety and environmental impact.

How does it work?

The team at Bellen Chemistry has a strong track records of helping customers establish innovative alternative ROS for their compounds. The process is initiated during a project "think tank" conducted by chemistry experts. Concepts and ideas based on literature searches are postulated. These concepts are scrutinized and shortlisted based on a comprehensive set of criteria including: 

 - Chemistry challenges
 - Cost and assurance of supply for key raw materials & reagents
 - Operational feasibility / ease of scale-up 
 - Complementing technology platforms 
 - HSE assessment 
 - IP status and sustainable costing

The shortlisted ROS are then discussed with the client's technical team and prioritized before initiating POC_(prove of concept) work.

Our team works on a fast track, POC program providing continuous updates to the customer and concluding with the provision of a suite of recommendations. Screening experiments can be performed in parallel in order to expedite the process. Once POC is completed, the team will develop a scalable process and subsequently deliver the product according to the agreed timeline.

Why choose Bellen for innovative route design and synthesis?

Experienced and competent teams of chemists

Successful track record of delivering alternative ROS

Practical experience at using wide range of chemicals, reagents & catalysts

Early discussion with the technical team of client on proposed ROS

Accelerated pathway to establish POC

New technologies in place/being built up that align with customer needs

Special reagents/reactions safe handling – cyanide, diazonium, azide, BuLi, LAH, Dess-Martin, etc

Rich experience for multi-steps, complex molecule manufacture (20 steps)

Transparent communication


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