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At Bellen, our dedicated process development team are consistently delivering a diverse set of development programs for clients. We have a track record of delivering value based on innovation, quality, speed and price competitiveness. Our process scientists are passionate about developing robust, safe, and cost-effective processes in order to satisfy the different stages of your project requirements. 

Our integrated one-stop process development platform enables us to accelerate your product development cycles. This service covers early stage fit-for-purpose process development, scale-up and late stage commercial scales.

Key Service Area: 

    •    "Fit-for-Purpose" ROS, process design and development

    •    Commercial route development and scale-up

    •    Commercial route optimization

    •    Process control strategy for RSM, intermediates and APIs

    •    Process validation

    •    Alternative reagents and catalyst screening

    •    Process safety assessment 

    •    Impurity characterization and control

    •    Analytical method development


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