Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd., a leading CRO/CDMO company in China, announced that it has successfully completed a “D” round of financing, secured a total investment of 50 million US dollars in order to support the rapid growth of its business. This new round of financing, led by Huagai Capital and Eastern Bell Capital will allow further investment in the company’s integrated organic synthesis and manufacturing service platform for small molecule new drug research and development. The “C” round investment companies, China Capital, Legend Capital, Apricottree Capital and Insight Capital, also took the opportunity to increase their shareholding in this round of investment.

Bellen was founded in 2010, focusing on providing CRO/CDMO services. The company aspires to build a first-class integrated service platform in China for small molecule new drug development in order to support the increasing demands from global customers. With several years of growth, the company has extended its capabilities from CRO to CDMO. In addition to an R&D center in Beijing, Bellen has built a pilot plant in Yantai, Shandong Province, and a process research center in Shanghai, both of which opened in 2017. To support its global customer base, the company has established sales and marketing offices in Europe, Canada the United States, UK and Japan.

Bellen commits to continued investment and enhancement of its capabilities and capacities to facilitate a one-stop-shop chemistry and chemical manufacture service platform ranging from compound selection to final API GMP manufacturing. Bellen has established strategic partnerships with many international customers by successfully utilising cutting-edge technology, global team collaboration and business insight. Progressive administration, world class Quality and EHS systems and more than ten years’ experience in new drug research has helped to cement these important stakeholder relationships.

The lead fund Huagai Capital is a private equity investment institution that manages more than 15 billion RMB and focuses on three major fields including health care, TMT and culture/education. With the vision " To be the most trusted investment partner for entrepreneurs and investors", 10 enterprises invested in by Huagai have been successfully listed. Under the MAH regulation, China's biomedical industry is booming, innovative drug applications are increasing year by year and many global pharmaceutical companies have transferred CRO/CDMO business to Asia. China will become the main growth point of CRO/CDMO in the world owing to advances in intellectual property systems and industrial chains. Bellen exhibits an awe-inspiring team with strong execution and international vision. “With its Beijing innovation center, Shanghai process R & D center and Shandong pilot plant, Bellen will develop into a leading CRO/CDMO enterprise in China.” said Huagai Capital

Eastern Bell Capital is an Eco-Fund, founded in 2010. It focuses on "improving industrial efficiency with supply chain as its core competence". Its investment fields include logistics & supply chain, retail & brand and data technology. In the last 10 years, Eastern Bell Capital has managed more than 13 billion RMB, with a total investment of more than 150 enterprises, 15 of which have grown into Unicorn enterprises. Eastern Bell Capital has become the most influential venture capital institution in the area of domestic logistics supply chain.

“During the first meeting with Bellen, we felt like old friends. We have similar cultures, we both advocate the spirit of "lighting sword" and the strong organization and execution created by the Bellen culture has already won the long-term favor and trust of global customers. We believe that Bellen will get better and better”. Said Eastern Bell Capital.

In this round of financing, the involvement of new investment institutions, established investors,  professional medical funds and large comprehensive funds confirms the recognition and trust of the capital market with respect to Bellen. With the support of such capital, Bellen will expedite its aim to become a world leading one-stop-shop chemistry and chemical manufacture service platform. With innovative technology and know-how, Bellen will relentlessly help its customers to accelerate their new drug R&D program and improve human health.  

About Bellen

Bellen is a CRO/CDMO company, committed to provide a one-stop chemical service shop, supporting its worldwide pharmaceutical customers with small molecule drug discovery. Bellen offers a wide range of services to support the lifecycle of new drug development ranging from lead generation to launched product. Its business scope includes custom-synthesis, process chemistry research and development, and the manufacture of intermediates and API’s. FTE and flexible FTE models are also available from Bellen to meet the exacting requirements of customers’ new drug discovery programs.


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