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Vision & Mission

Bellen's mission clearly describes our purpose and overall intention. It supports our vision and serves to communicate purpose and direction to employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. Our vision is progressive, it is inspirational, aspirational and challenging. 


To develop best-in-class customer focused partnerships and be the valued supplier of choice for pharmaceutical products and services based on specialized and innovative chemistry solutions.


  • Create and promote exceptional one-stop-shop platforms for pharmaceutical and chemical services
  • Recognize the potential of our employees and strive to grow our business with dedication, integrity and collaboration, in the same way that we manufacture our products
  • Value our customer partnerships and nurture them by supplying innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions


Bellen Chemistry Headquarters

Building 9, Courtyard 10
Linhe Street
ShunYi District, Beijing 101300, China

  • Tel +86 10 6040 0362
  • Fax +86 10 8947 5062

Customer Service and Business Inquiry

  • Tel+86 (10) 6040 0362 (8004)
  • Emailcustomer-service@bellenchem.com

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