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Bellen Chemistry, established in 2010, originally focused on the design and development of hundreds of novel heterocycles. Over a number of years our innovative capabilities and reliable performance were gradually becoming more recognized in the marketplace, and our customers encouraged us to develop CRO/CDMO business with them.

In order to provide better solutions for our customers, the company has undertaken serveral rounds of venture capital financing to support our dynamic growth. 

In the past 12 years the company has grown from 6 employees to over 800 employees. In line with our global service commitment, we have also set up Bellen branches in Europe,NA and Asia so as to provide better and faster services to our local customers. Today we provide project support to a variety of different customers, from innovative biotech to global giant pharmaceutical companies.

Bellen is committed to continue investing in innovation and state-of-the-art facilities to enable an one-stop-shop chemistry service platform, adding value to your project from library synthesis to API GMP manufactory.

I truly appreciate the trust and support of all of our existing customers and I'm confident that Bellen will keep demonstrating high levels of performance and collaboration. We will continue investing and building our capabilities to enable the one-stop-shop chemistry service platform, adding value to your research and speeding up your discovery process. Bellen are extremely proud to be recognized by our global stakeholders as a business that is customer focused, innovative and passionate about authentic partnerships. Together, we will achieve great success in the near future...

Bob Liu

CEO of Bellen Chemistry

Our Vision

To develop best-in-class customer focused partnerships and be the valued supplier of choice for pharmaceutical products and services through specialized and innovative chemistry solutions

Since 2010

Bellen Chemistry has grown from

6 employees to more than 800 employees

globally and expanded services from novel

heterocycles design and supply to drug intermediate research, process

development and manufacturing that support over 1000 business partners around the world...

Bellen discharges its moral and legal obligations to IP, EHS, Quality and Compliance in a professional manner. Bellen continuously scans the business horizon and “designs in” effective risk management of new/emerging technologies and business models. Bellen demonstrates zero tolerance with respect to protection of Intellectual Property and is committed to global sustainability of environmental protection and safe working practices...


Bellen Chemistry Headquarters

Building 9, Courtyard 10
Linhe Street
ShunYi District, Beijing 101300, China

  • Tel +86 10 6040 0362
  • Fax +86 10 8947 5062

Customer Service and Business Inquiry

  • Tel+86 (10) 6040 0362 (8004)
  • Emailcustomer-service@bellenchem.com

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