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Culture & Value

Bellen's culture, value and beliefs are embedded in the name of BELLEN.

Our core value statement lists the key principles that guide and direct both our organization and our culture. These values create a moral compass for Bellen and it’s employees. It guides decision-making and establishes a standard against which actions can be assessed. Our core values form an internal framework that is shared and acted upon by our leadership team.

Bellen's TOP 5 core values:

Reliability & efficiency

Integrity & honesty

Learning & continuous improvement



  • Best in class customer services and partnerships. Promoting and applying high ethical standards in everything we do.
  • Economic astuteness, cost competitiveness, reliability and efficiency.
  • Learning from customer feedback and our own mistakes. Welcoming diversity and including different styles and ideas in our way of working.
  • Looking for continuous improvement. Being passionate about quality, safety and the environment.
  • Empowering all of our employees to reach their full potentials by allowing them to take ownership, speak up and make things happen.
  • Never forgetting our legal, moral, societal and professional obligations.


Bellen Chemistry Headquarters

Building 9, Courtyard 10
Linhe Street
ShunYi District, Beijing 101300, China

  • Tel +86 10 6040 0362
  • Fax +86 10 8947 5062

Customer Service and Business Inquiry

  • Tel+86 (10) 6040 0362 (8004)
  • Emailcustomer-service@bellenchem.com

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