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Bellen started as a catalog company in 2007, focused on design and development of hundreds of novel heterocycles. Although the business strategy has switched to CRO and CDMO, we still keep a dedicated team working on this category by maintaining the good relationships with our loyal customers.

Bellen Catalog Service highlight:

- Over 10,000 catalog compounds

- Over 50% in stock or intermediately available

- Over 300 new molecules are designed quarterly

- Dedicated team with strong problem solving skills

Please visit our product site at: http://catalog.bellenchem.com for more details. 


Bellen Chemistry Headquarters

No. 1, Caida 3rd Street
MaoHua Garden
ShunYi District, Beijing 101300, China

  • Tel +86 (10) 6040 0362 (800)
  • Fax +86 (10) 6040 0323

Customer Service and Business Inquiry

  • Tel+86 (10) 6040 0362 (823)
  • Emailcustomer-service@bellenchem.com

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