Bellen grows its operations with official opening of Non-GMP plant in Shandong


The official opening ceremony of Bellen Phase 2 pilot plant took place on  September 25, 2019!  The manufacturing plant (phase 1 with 5 non-GMP reaction trains) started operation in mid-2017 and since then the plant has been running at full capacity which triggered our phase 2 expansion plans in 2018. The recent opening of the phase 2 plant has provided Bellen with an additional 20 Non-GMP and 4 GMP reaction trains. The reactor size in Bellen's pilot plant ranges from 200L to 5000L, the material of construction of the vessels are SS316L, GL and HC276. Currently Bellen Chemistry Ltd. can handle all typical reactions like hydrogenation, flow chemistry reactions, and purification by column chromatography.

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